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Hundreds Of U.S. Hospitals Join Convalescent Plasma Study To Treat Coronavirus

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Covid-19 patient recovers after he was administered plasma therapy

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Convalescent plasma therapy successful in 18 patients

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Family Champion + Fighting Patient + Friendly Donor

You recovered from COVID-19

You may be aware that there is a general need for Plasma, but have you seen their faces, have you read their stories?

The goal of this site is to connect potential donors with the faces and stories of people in desperate need as well as celebrate those who have already donated and encourage them to keep doing so.  
If you have had the virus and have a positive test result and have been without symptoms for at least 14 days, you may qualify to donate.  Read the stories, look at the pictures, and know that you could be the only thing standing between life and death, hope and hopelessness for a fellow traveler.  A family may lose their family member unless you act today and save a life.  Celebrate, Donate, Save Lives.   


Plasma For Lives Hosts Plasma and Blood Donation Drive

Our next plasma drive and donation will take place on Aug. 28th at Hog Technologies from 9am-3pm. Requirements are that you have had Covid-19 and have been symptom-free for 14 days. If that describes you, you have important antibodies that make your plasma instrumental in helping save lives. If you would like to be a part of this amazing opportunity please contact Rachel Davis at 954 857-6951 or email [email protected] Please help save lives, and donate your much-needed plasma! 
This is open to local residents only.

those who have given, and are giving

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Amber - Aubrey, TX

Published on 9/1/20

I tested positive for covid in July and am hoping my plasma can help save someone who’s currently in the hospital, fighting for their life!

David - Stuart, FL

Published on 8/28/20

David gave his plasma during our Plasma for Lives donation drive to help give those ill with COVID-19 a fighting chance!

Sammy - Stuart, FL

Published on 8/28/20

Sammy participated in Plasma for Lives' Blood & Plasma Donation Drive in order to help fill up the banks with convalescent plasma to help fight COVID-19

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