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Sumter plasma drive held to help those sick with COVID-19

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Texas couple has saved 68 lives and counting with their COVID-19 plasma donations

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Growing Need In Texas And Beyond For Those Who’ve Recovered From Coronavirus To Donate Plasma

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You recovered from COVID-19

You may be aware that there is a general need for Plasma, but have you seen their faces, have you read their stories?

The goal of this site is to connect potential donors with the faces and stories of people in desperate need as well as celebrate those who have already donated and encourage them to keep doing so.  
If you have had the virus and have a positive test result and have been without symptoms for at least 14 days, you may qualify to donate.  Read the stories, look at the pictures, and know that you could be the only thing standing between life and death, hope and hopelessness for a fellow traveler.  A family may lose their family member unless you act today and save a life.  Celebrate, Donate, Save Lives.    

those who have given, and are giving

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Rose - Placentia, CA

Published on 8/4/20

I was exposed mid March, unfortunately I exposed my family. My 93 year old Mother who I live with, my son and my daughter who was our caregiver while Mom and I were ill. Fortunately none of us had to be hospitalized and that was a blessing in itself. I was inspired by my daughter she had already donated and if I can help one person to recover it's worth it. I am healthy and hope to continue donating.

Gloria - Broad Brook, CT

Published on 8/4/20

I had Covid back in early February, before we knew it was in New England. I'm one of the lucky ones-I had what I thought was the worst, strangest cold ever but was able to recover even after losing my sense of taste and smell for months. I tested positive for antibodies May 7. In March, my 92 year old aunt was diagnosed with the virus. She was hospitalized and on a ventilator. She fought to survive and made it to a rehab facility. Unfortunately, she had a stroke and we lost her 2 weeks ago. So, I have donated my plasma in her honor in hope that I can help others defeat this horrid virus

Isela - Fresno, CA

Published on 8/4/20

Positive COVID test on 4/13. Started with my first symptoms on 4/11 with loss of taste & smell, sweating profusely for 1.5 weeks, stomach problems for 3.5 weeks & testing positive again on day 31! I finally got a negative test on day 46! Although I still suffer from various weird symptoms including smell & taste being distorted, I was finally approved to donate my plasma full of antibodies!

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