A person donating their plasma at a blood bank

Plasma Related Stories and News

Stuart COVID-19 Survivor's Plasma Saves a Life: Why the Gift of Blood is More Critical Than Ever

Stuart resident and owner of Hog Technologies, James Crocker, was one of the first in our area to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

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State Rep. Randy Fine released from hospital following weekslong battle with COVID-19

After spending several days in the hospital and weeks battling the novel coronavirus, Rep. Randy Fine (R-Palm Bay) is back home.

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We're going to run out': Doctors call for COVID-19 survivors to donate convalescent plasma

Demand for convalescent plasma has gone up in recent weeks, following the latest surge in coronavirus cases.

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Spike in COVID-19 Cases Has Led to Emergency Plasma Shortage Nationwide

Right now, the American Red Cross has an emergency shortage of convalescent plasma, a potentially lifesaving treatment for patients with COVID-19.

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Covid-19 Plasma Treatment Improves Mortality: Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins University Professor of Nursing Jason Farley discusses plasma treatments for covid-19,

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Mayo Clinic's plasma program shows first signs of COVID-19 benefit

Preliminary research by Mayo Clinic shows that high-dose plasma therapy is correlated with fewer deaths in patients with severe COVID-19.

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