A person donating their plasma at a blood bank

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Ironman triathlete urges fellow COVID-19 survivors to donate life-saving plasma

Emmanuel “Manny” Lopez, a 34-year-old middle school teacher from the South Texas border town of Mission, is a die-hard triathlete who survived COVID-19 and now is on a mission to urge all survivors to donate their life-saving plasma.

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Mayo's plasma program shows first signs of COVID-19 benefit

Preliminary research by Mayo Clinic shows that high-dose plasma therapy is correlated with fewer deaths in patients with severe COVID-19.

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Near Death Michigan COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Receiving Donated Plasma

One of Michigan’s first Covid-19 patients to receive the experimental convalescent plasma, has recovered and is now home.

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Convalescent plasma therapy emerges as new hope for countering coronavirus

President Trump and public health officials touted the promise of convalescent plasma therapy as a treatment for the coronavirus disease.

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El Paso family encourages COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma after grandmother dies

COVID-19 survivors have the opportunity so save the lives of other people who have been infected with the virus.

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After recovering from COVID-19, Orlando firefighters donate plasma to help others

Orlando firefighter Kyle Hioki was one of the dozens of Orlando firefighters who tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this summer.

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