A person donating their plasma at a blood bank

Plasma Related Stories and News

Student-led convalescent plasma drive benefits area coronavirus patients

Baumer Hall, in partnership with the South Bend Medical Foundation, hosted “Domers R Donors,” a convalescent plasma drive

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Convalescent plasma may reduce mortality

Convalescent plasma can reduce mortality if given early and with high antibody concentrations, study suggests.

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A patient affected by critical COVID-19 pneumonia, successfully treated with convalescent plasma

We present a critically ill patient affected by COVID-19, whose chest computed tomography (CT) scan featured lung consolidations and severe patchy ground-glass opacitie.

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Convalescent Plasma: Safe, Effective Treatment for Children with Severe Covid-19.

This study is the first report of convalescent plasma in children with life-threatening Covid-19

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Minister of Health encourages convalescents post COVID-19 to donate plasma

During a joint press conference with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, the head of the Ministry of Health called on convalescents to "join the voluntary effort related to the care of seniors" and "to start reporting to regional blood donation and blood therapy centres".

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Can antibodies from people with covid-19 bridge the gap to a vaccine?

FOR people who have survived covid-19, there is an opportunity to add another chapter to their recovery story: they could help save other people’s lives by donating blood.

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