A person donating their plasma at a blood bank

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Preliminary study of 300+ COVID-19 patients suggests convalescent plasma therapy effective

American Journal of Pathology publishes efficacy results from Houston Methodist clinical trial

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Plasma therapy manufactured at Takeda in clinical trial as treatment for COVID-19

A plasma therapy manufactured at Takeda in Stanton Springs for treatment of adults at high risk for complications from COVID-19

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Covid-19 plasma therapy safe, without adverse side effects

The clinical administration of the blood component plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients to those severely affected by the disease could be a safe option

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Plasma therapy safe, effective for severe COVID-19 patients

A new trial has found that convalescent plasma therapy is a safe treatment option for patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms, say researchers

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"Convalescent Plasma Is Safe to Treat Covid-19, National Study Shows"

A study of thousands of Covid-19 patients who received blood plasma transfusions from recovered patients indicates the experimental therapy appears to be safe, paving the way for future studies and clinical trials.

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Fighting COVID-19 with Convalescent Plasma

“If anything good can come out of the craziness that I’ve been through, I’m okay with that. If it can be helpful to anybody else, that’s my attitude,”

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