A person donating their plasma at a blood bank

Plasma Related Stories and News

Colorado Dr. Michael Leonard 1st in CO to receive plasma

The first COVID-19 patient to receive convalescent plasma in Colorado achieved a “huge” milestone this week, getting off a ventilator after 34 days and standing up on Monday to wave from his hospital window to his wife, son and dog outside.

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Esther Silva's Story

View the story of Esther Silva about her father, Lorenzo.

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Family of Preacher Who Died of COVID-19 After Mardi Gras Is Praying for Another Great Awakening

Landon Spradlin died of COVID-19 shortly after preaching the gospel on the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. And though his story has gone viral in the media because of his political and charismatic beliefs, his family says they are just trying to grieve his passing—and praying for revival.

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Husband and wife are both recovering from Covid-19 after wife receives plasma

With a vaccine still months or years away, and no magic drug or miracle cure for the coronavirus, the cruel realities of this virus can hit families incredibly quickly. But with the scientific world working around the clock on potential lifesaving breakthroughs, there is hope.

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Father thanks donor for 17 year old son's plasma

Finding a match for Butler was “like finding a needle in a haystack,” Galloway said. NICK BUTLER HAS GONE HOME!!!

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Doctors Hope Plasma From Recovered Coronavirus Patients Can Save Lives

A treatment called convalescent plasma uses blood from coronavirus survivors to help fight COVID-19 in new patients. The treatment is still unproven, but the FDA recently approved it for emergency use on a case-by-case basis for critically ill patients.

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