A person donating their plasma at a blood bank

Plasma Related Stories and News

1st Utah plasma recipient goes home!!!

Utah's first COVID-19 plasma transfusion patient discharged from hospital

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Recovered Covid Dr donates plasma in UK

Sandwell Hospital doctor who beat coronavirus donates plasma to help other patients

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Hematology.org FAQ Covid-19 Plasma

COVID-19 and Convalescent Plasma: Frequently Asked Questions

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Hammond Louisiana Plasma donors request

If you’re a coronavirus survivor, you might be eligible to donate plasma to help seriously ill COVID-19 patients at North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond.

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Chicago using and asking for plasma donations to help many COVID patients

Convalescent plasma one of the best hopes for COVID-19 treatment

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Plasma donor giving hope to family with loved one in the hospital

There is a very happy update to the story WGN News reported earlier this week about the first plasma donors in Illinois.

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