Partnering with Mayo Clinic, one of the largest nonprofit academic health systems in the U.S., Baptist Health is working to approve and treat more than 60 critically ill patients across its health system with CP therapy. Studies have shown that CP therapy can boost the ability of people to fight the virus through the powerful antibodies built up in the plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients.

Amy Schiffman, M.D., an immunologist with Boca Raton Regional Hospital, part of Baptist Health, was the first to use CP therapy on COVID-19 patients who were critically ill and on ventilator support, and outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive. Experts at Baptist Health and Mayo Clinic believe that treating non-critically ill patients in the earlier stages of their infections could help keep them out of the ICU and off the ventilator. Now, the two institutions have gained approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to expand the investigational drug study to include patients with moderate symptoms of the coronavirus.