Location: Los Angeles, CA   

Although plasma therapy is still considered an experimental treatment, there are many signs and stories of promise. In many cases, it is the only remaining hope for their loved one. There are also many stories of plasma needed and not yet available or not available in time. We hope you will be inspired to act now on behalf of all these stories even ones yet to be told unfolding now. If you have a story of your own or know of one that should be told, we hope you will do that as well.

Image of Michael
Hi everyone! We’re still searching for a plasma donor for my cousin who has been in critical condition for the past 14 out of 23 days he’s been hospitalized. He’s been intubated because his lungs are not functioning. The ventilator that he is on, is not helping him improve. He needs a machine called ECMO. This type of machine is available only in a few hospitals like Cedar Sinai, UCLA, USC. They don't want to approve his transfer. We need Michael to receive the highest assistance so that he can be helped and healed. We are asking for the help of our community to save Michael's life. We’ve hit roadblocks along the way but we’re not giving up. So I plead you to please help us find a donor at this time. - Magaly, Michael's cousin