Location: Naples, FL   

Although plasma therapy is still considered an experimental treatment, there are many signs and stories of promise. In many cases, it is the only remaining hope for their loved one. There are also many stories of plasma needed and not yet available or not available in time. We hope you will be inspired to act now on behalf of all these stories even ones yet to be told unfolding now. If you have a story of your own or know of one that should be told, we hope you will do that as well.

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Image of Virginia
Jeff Bennett and his sister Jennifer Grytza are on edge. For more than three weeks, their mother, Virginia, has been on a ventilator at an NCH hospital fighting for her life.“She got to the hospital around 5 p.m.” Bennett said. “By 10 p.m. she was admitted to the hospital on oxygen. By 5 a.m. she was in the ICU and by 10 a.m. the next morning she was on a ventilator.”Last week the siblings say they received a call that the hospital wanted to give her some convalescent plasma. That’s blood plasma collected from a recovered COVID-19 patient. Both NCH and Lee Health are taking part in a clinical trial. The problem? NCH doesn’t have a match right now. So Bennett and Grytza turned to Facebook.He said, “We’re trying to specifically find somebody that’s what Type A or AB to actually do a target a donation for mother, and that has to be somewhere here in the Naples area.”They found four matches, however, none in Naples. NCH says the sickest people would get donations first.If a potential donor wants to give to a specific patient, they first would have to be a match and the blood plasma would have to pass all the safety tests which take another 24-48 hours.Bennett and Grytza want to encourage more people to donate so that people like their mom can have a chance to get better.