Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is mulling to remove plasma therapy from Covid-19 treatment protocol quoting it doesn't reduce the risk of death. But the medical institutes and hospitals, which had started plasma therapy in the trial phase, have continued therapy after getting good results.

By transfusing plasmas of a Covid-19 cured person to an infected patient, the disease can be cured. In the therapy, antibodies from the blood of the cured patient are being used to treat infected and it is accepted by many countries as the best treatment. 

To investigate the effectiveness of plasma therapy, ICMR selected 39 public and private hospitals across the country in which 464 adults with moderate Covid-19 were infused plasma between April 22 to July 14. In the trial, 44 patients (19 percent) died in the intervention arm and 41 patients (18 percent) died in the control arm. Therefore quoting plasma therapy failed to control deaths, ICMR came to a conclusion of stopping the therapy.